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FAST Flame 1 Sample Automation Accessory

PerkinElmer’s FAST Flame 1 sample automation accessory is ideal for laboratories doing single-element or sequential multi-element determinations using flame atomic absorption (AA) for many samples daily and requiring consistently lower detection limits. It provides high-speed sample analysis without user intervention, delivering improved productivity.

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The FAST Flame 1 accessory is a combination of high-speed autosampler, one precision peristaltic pump and a switching valve. It provides quick sample turnaround with fast rinse-out, short signal stabilization times and no sample-to-sample memory effect. The FAST Flame 1 accessory rapidly fills a sample loop via vacuum and then switches to inject the sample loop while the autosampler moves to the next sample. This removes the wait time associated with self-aspiration or peristaltic pumping and the long rinse-in and rinse-out times associated with autosampler movement and flushing resulting in sample-to-sample times as short as 15 seconds. Rapid injection and rinse-out result in a throughput of over 560 samples per hour—up to 40% higher than manual analysis for single-element determinations by Flame AA.

FAST Flame 1 provides the ability to mechanically pump the sample during injection, allows for ideal optimization of nebulizer and flame conditions, eliminates variability due to changes in sample viscosity, dissolved solids and tubing length and also provides long-term sample flow stability. Linear standard curves and excellent recovery of standard solution concentrations, obtained using FAST Flame 1, demonstrate the system’s precision and accuracy, as well as long-term stability.


Height 15.0 cm
Length 77.0 cm
Portable No
Product Brand Name FAST Flame
Width 2.0 tray

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