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Quantum GX microCT Imaging System

The Quantum GX microCT system has been replaced by the Quantum GX2 microCT imaging system. Please contact your local representative for further information, or visit the Quantum GX2 product page (Part Number - CLS149276).

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The Quantum GX microCT multispecies imaging system provides high-resolution images at an X-ray dose low enough to enable true longitudinal imaging capability. With scan times as low as 8 seconds, the Quantum GX supports a workflow of up to 30 subjects per hour, with acquisition, reconstruction, and 3D visualization in under one minute. Automate your microCT imaging analysis, reducing time and increasing reproducibility, with our AccuCTâ„¢ advanced automated user-friendly bone analysis software. The Quantum GX is the most versatile small animal microCT imaging instrument proven to work in broad range of applications including, oncology, pulmonary and cardiovascular disease, diabetes, orthopedics and dentistry.

Key Features:

  • High-resolution (4.5 micrometer voxel size)
  • High-speed (8-seconds for 20 x 20 mm scan)
  • Low-dose imaging for longitudinal studies
  • Co-registration of functional optical signals with anatomical microCT imaging
  • Two-magnifications for high, medium and low resolutions
  • Two-phase respiratory and cardiac gating
  • Mouse/rat/rabbit imaging capabilities

MicroCT imaging with the Quantum GX along with PerkinElmer’s other imaging modalities such as optical and PET provides greater insight into biological activity associated with a disease state as well as treatment.


Imaging Modality microCT Imaging
Product Brand Name Quantum

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