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D-Torch Complete Assembly with Ceramic Outer Tube for Avio 500

The D-Torch provides a demountable torch design without sacrificing performance or usability. Featuring a torch body with fixed alumina intermediate tube for greater robustness, in addition to a demountable outer tube and injector, the D-Torch significantly reduces torch replacement costs for the analysis of challenging sample matrices. The optional ceramic outer tube is of particular benefit for ICP applications where a quartz outer tube will suffer from a short lifetime. High TDS applications cause quartz to rapidly devitrify and organic solvents can cause quartz to fracture, whereas the ceramic outer tube will last years under the same conditions.

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Detail Information

Features and Benefits include:

  • Analysis of high-matrix solutions (i.e. fusion samples, samples with high-dissolved solids, samples with high-acid content) which can cause early devitrification or sample deposition when using quartz
  • Demountable outer tube – With the D-Torch, you need only replace the outer tube
  • Interchangeable quartz and ceramic outer tubes
  • Interchangeable injectors – choose the optimum injector for your application. Select from quartz for aqueous solutions, narrow bore for organics, wide bore for high dissolved solids or ceramic for HF


Material Ceramic
Model Compatible With Avio 500
Product Brand Name D-Torch
Product Group Torches
Technology Type ICP-OES