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PerkinElmer’s Informatics solutions and specialized scientific know-how empower customers to gain critical insights from their data and accelerate informed decisions.

Products & Services

Market-leading informatics technologies and services to help solve complex scientific and business challenges. Learn More

Research AnalyticsResearch Analytics

Gain actionable insights by seamlessly integrating predictive models, workflows and real time events all within a single application.

320x210_SignalsForScreening.jpgScreening Analytics

Dramatically reduce time spent on data analysis of High Content & High Throughput Experiments with easy to use, scalable solutions.

Translational AnalyticsTranslational Analytics

Integrate, search, retrieve and analyze relevant experimental and clinical data from across internal and external sources.

Clinical-Informatics_Home.jpgClinical Development

Solutions to aggregate, unify, visualize and analyze all your clinical and real-world data during all phases of clinical development.

Chemistry SoftwareChemistry Software

Industry-leading chemistry productivity tools that foster collaboration within and across organizations.

E-Notebook™ SolutionsE-Notebook Solutions

Capture experimental procedures and results to protect IP and share insights organization-wide.

QA/QC SolutionsQA/QC Solutions

Optimize laboratory procedures through seamless collection and transfer of data between systems.

Informatics-Professional-Services-320-210.jpgProfessional Services

Professional Services brings a wealth of in-depth industry experience across life sciences, spanning chemistry and many more domains.

Data UnificationData Unification

Unify access and connectivity to relevant data sources, both structured and unstructured, with less time preparing data for analysis.

Informatics Spotlight

Insights to help begin connecting, visualizing and controlling your data for faster answers, more easily than ever before.

Big-Data-and-Science-StrategyWhite Paper: Big Data and Science Strategy

Create a Big Data platform that addresses a multiplicity of problems while enabling innovative scientific research.

Actionable & Adaptive RBM WebinarWebinar: Actionable & Adaptive RBM

Quickly navigate from high-level overview data to specific data points from multiple sources with our Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) solution.

PerkinElmer Signals NotebookNew! PerkinElmer Signals Notebook

Introducing our new cloud-based Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) solution that powers smarter science through collaboration.

Strategic Business Relationships VideoVideo: Our Strategic Business Relationship with TIBCO®

Learn how our strategic business relationships – including with TIBCO Spotfire® – enable a broader set of capabilities to advance our customers’ success.


With our deep understanding of industry requirements, our Informatics solutions are catalysts for innovation. Learn More


Allow students to collaborate and discover in academic environments easily and affordably.

Agriculture Sciences

Transform data from the agriculture R&D pipeline into knowledge and understanding.


Test and innovate raw materials and fine chemicals with solutions for next generation requirements.

Clinical CROs

Streamline clinical candidate analysis, translational medicine initiatives, outcomes research and more.

Discovery CROs

Improve management and optimization of study activities.

Food and Beverage

Reduce the time spent bringing quality products to market safely.


Capture a 360ᵒ view of quality control process activities, seeing trends before problems occur.

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Advance drug discovery, clinical research and commercial success using smarter science.

Integrated Solutions

Our expertise across key disciplines stems from our commitment to helping scientists gain critical insights faster. Learn More

Clinical Development and Trial Operations

Improve efficiencies in discovering new therapeutics, launching products and aligning marketing campaigns.

Drug Discovery

Unify, visualize, contextualize, and operationalize data seamlessly at your fingertips.

Material Science

Accelerate innovation and increase the speed at which R&D is performed.

Targeted Discovery

Navigate the challenges of efficient data collection, management and integration of complex datasets to screen drug targets.

Translational Research

Out-of-the box support for translational research, without the need for customization.

How Can We Help You?

Transform data into actionable insights in an automated, predictive and scalable way. Our comprehensive suite of scientific solutions from instrument generated data, enterprise platforms and mobile applications provides scientists with the tools to share, unify, visualize and analyze valuable data.


Want a better way to collaborate and uncover unexpected insights from your data?

Analyze & Visualize

Ready to analyze multi-source data and perform complex analyses using a simple dashboard?

Modeling & Workflows

Having difficulty recording chemical structures, reactions and lab notes for modeling and workflows?

Unify Data

Looking to unify access and connectivity to relevant structured and unstructured data sources?