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PerkinElmer provides a complete portfolio of screening, diagnostic, medical imaging, and treatment systems.

Earlier Insights Can Make All the Difference

Commitment to improved health through early diagnosis and treatment can lead to better outcomes for families.

We are committed to protecting the health of expectant mothers, babies, and families. For these reasons, we provide a complete portfolio of screening, diagnostic, medical imaging and treatment systems that go a long way toward ensuring a pro-active approach to healthcare.

We are focused on pioneering work in prenatal risk assessment and neonatal screening; delivering next-generation instrumentation and diagnostic capabilities; and providing cord-blood stem-cell banking services. Our advances in digital imaging technology address some of the most demanding X-ray applications to enable oncology, cardiovascular and neurovascular imaging systems. We are also bringing infectious disease diagnostics to China delivering safety and peace of mind at affordable price points.

Market Overviews

Computing the risk of pregnancy-related complications.

Maternal & Fetal Health

Learn how we help to protect expectant mothers and their fetuses.

Early detection of metabolic and other inherited disorders.

Newborn Screening

See how we’re providing families with disorder identification enabling earlier medical intervention.

Better screening tools can help identify infectious diseases such as HIV, HCV, and HBV.

Infectious Disease

Read how we help protect both patients and communities from diseases such as HIV.

ViaCord's family cord blood and cord tissue banking services.

Cord Blood & Tissue Banking

Learn about its potential medical or therapeutic use for children or related family members.

PerkinElmer Genetics

PerkinElmer Genomics

As the nation's largest provider of newborn screening services, PerkinElmer Genomics is dedicated to improving the lives of children and their families by offering early detection of metabolic and other inherited disorders.