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Torion® T-9 Is The World’s Smallest GC/MS

The proliferation of global hazmat events requires faster, more decisive action to save time, money, and lives. PerkinElmer's Torion T-9 GC/MS is a 32-lb. powerhouse that brings the analytical capabilities of a lab on site to identify compounds in air, water, and soil.

PerkinElmer and Enthalpy Analytical, Inc.

Profile of Enthalpy Analytical, Inc. and its relationship with PerkinElmer in working towards air quality monitoring solutions for the EPA

Featured Products

Ozone Precursor Analyzer System

Ozone Precursor Analyzer Systems

Perform both specialized and routine air analyses for volatiles and semi-volatiles in air.

Clarus SQ 8 GC Mass Spectrometers

Clarus® SQ 8T GC/MS

This world-class system delivers uncompromised performance with consistent ultra-trace detection limits consistently and reliably – time after time.

Determining the safety and quality of the air we breathe.

Determining and understanding the safety and quality of the air we breathe is the work of environmental labs, municipalities, and to an increasing extent, consumers.

Whether monitoring for pollutants such as organic and radioactive contaminants to detecting chemicals or trace and toxic metals, we provide our customers with the tools needed to gain essential insights and achieve a cleaner environment.