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Life In the Cloud

In the first of two articles about informatics software as a service, Sophia Ktori looks at the motivations for transferring to the cloud.

Insights on Food Safety

As food is raised in one spot, processed in another, and shipped around the world, it’s no wonder that food safety creates an international concern.

Top 10 Innovations 2015: Phenoptics

This year’s installment of The Scientist’s annual Top 10 Innovations competition highlights a mixture of basic research and clinical tools.

Translational Path from Bench to Clinic

Acquiring images in real time from living organisms has become indispensable in too many life-science disciplines to mention.

PerkinElmer Launches Signals™ for Translational

Co-developed with top pharmaceutical companies, PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational is designed to help researchers easily integrate experimental and clinical data from existing proprietary databases, private and public databases such as GEO and tranSMART, and connect with other enterprise systems.

Identifying Whiskey Counterfeits

Counterfeiting of spirit brands are a major concern posing a serious health risk by providing inferior or even toxic products.

PerkinElmer Outfits New SCSU Building

A collaboration between Southern Connecticut State University in New Haven and PerkinElmer, based in Massachusetts and with offices in Shelton, is upping the school’s science presence.

Molecules Hold the Mirror Up to Cancer

The molecular processes behind cancer were once seen as through a glass, darkly. But now they are being reflected more clearly, thanks to advances in probe synthesis, preclinical cancer modeling, and multimodal imaging.

Microfluidics: Many Channels of Technological Advances

The advent of microfluidics—using “chips” containing networks of tiny channels and chambers through which minute amounts of reagents move—in biological research has enabled scientists to examine rare or precious samples.

Micro Solution to Future Developments

Since microfluidics origin, chemists and engineers have used microelectronics and analytical biochemistry concepts to generate microfluidic chips with networks of channels through which fluids move, allowing a range of analytical, synthetic and other fluidic tasks to be performed.

Molecular Pathology’s Contextual Cues

“Molecular content” is being seen as an intricate, interconnected whole, a dynamic collection of interacting parts.

Happy Birthday, ChemDraw

Like many chemists of a certain age, Derek Lowe remembers the exact moment when he learned about the chemical-structure-drawing program we now call ChemDraw.

Cell Biology Special Report: Feeling out phenotypes

Technologies such as PerkinElmer’s Opal platform and its multispectral imaging and analysis software allow researchers to multiplex immunology markers in a single assay on a single slide.