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For Healthier Babies

As the leader in newborn screening tests and instruments, we deliver solutions that help prevent hundreds of thousands of disabilities and fatalities among children every year. With just a small blood sample at birth, this life-saving technology can detect more than 50 congenital disorders early enough for physicians to administer the treatment necessary to save lives and prevent disabilities. Despite this progress, only about one in three babies worldwide receive newborn screening. That's why PerkinElmer is collaborating with governments and health organizations to make it more accessible around the world.

Newborn Screening Around The World

Newborn Screening Around The World

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Better Products

GSP® Instrument

GSP Instrument

Our high throughput batch analyzer provides quantitative and qualitative measurement of neonatal samples on 96-well microplates. Able to perform all stages automatically with superior accuracy and traceability, the GSP® supports our complete range of analytes and employs several measurement techniques for screening disorders.


Our fully-automated screening platform for sensitive and precise quantitation of four assays based on DELFIA chemistry. Combining versatility with ease-of-use, AutoDELFIA® is perfect for medium to large laboratories that perform up to 2,000 DELFIA tests per day.
VICTOR2™ D Flourometer

VICTOR2™ D Flourometer

The VICTOR2 D Flourometer is the ideal measurement platform for low volume laboratories. Easy-to-use and reliable, VICTOR2 D provides start-up screening programs with the right balance of control and cost-effectiveness.

Innovative Thinking

Anna Potier

Innovation in Newborn Screening

Meet Anna Potier, scientist in our Waltham Diagnostics R&D group at PerkinElmer. Anna has used her knowledge of chemistry, mass spectrometry, multi-factor optimization and problem-solving to become an indispensable member of the Lysosomal Storage Disorder, or “LSD,” assay development team. She has been the lead author of several posters and a coauthor on two peer-reviewed publications, with more in the pipeline. In addition, she is the sole inventor on a patent application that is powerfully enabling of multiplex LSD enzyme activity assays.

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