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Keep your scientists focused on research and discovery, not on laboratory operations and instrument maintenance. OneSource® qualified technicians become a trusted member of your team for instrument inspection, calibration and other lab activities, improving your productivity and outcomes with reliable data and compliance.

  • Lab Support Outsourcing and Co-sourcing
  • Extended Team
  • Laboratory Efficiency Consulting
  • Instrument Concierge
  • Instrument Check

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Laboratory Efficiency Consulting

With OneSource® Laboratory Efficiency Consulting, we perform a thorough assessment of all your assets, both technology and people. Then we classify all your activities as core or noncore, so you have a chance to see how a consulting engagement can benefit your lab. From there, we design an improvement roadmap with quick, achievable milestones as well as longer term projects that can be deployed to help you increase productivity and meet your goals.
  • Lab operations & processes assessment
  • Development of a strategic roadmap to standardize & automate
  • Initiate short and long-term improvements
  • Full solution deployment — instrumentation, informatics, people, and training

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Laboratory Instrument Check

OneSource® Instrument Check helps maximize uptime, provide continuous data trending information with control charts to optimize performance, and deliver a proactive maintenance model that helps you identify – and solve – problems, so assets are ready to run when you need them to. The OneSource team conducts routine instrument checks to make sure your instrument is prepared to run any application. Let us take care of your instrument while you concentrate on the science.
  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Continuous data trends with control charts
  • Proactive approach to identifying problems
  • Proactive maintenance in concert with instrument concierge services

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Laboratory Instrument Concierge

With OneSource® Instrument Concierge you can incorporate our highly trained scientists into your lab environment. This onsite presence can deliver all the instrumentation expertise you need to enhance your lab’s daily workflow and scientific processes. You benefit from integrated instrument management, better data integrity, improved performance and productivity, and compliance.
  • Implementing best practices in the lab
  • Routine assay
  • Hyper care of instrumentation
  • Routine set-up and performance checks
  • Method development
  • Automation
  • System integration

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Scientific Lab Support

Scientists often find themselves spending more time troubleshooting laboratory instruments instead of more time spent on performing vital experiments. With OneSource® lab support combined with OneSource trained engineers maintaining noncore activities and the multivendor environment is taken care of allowing your scientists to stay focused on discovery.
  • Sample prep
  • Sample Management
  • Consumables management
  • Media preparations
  • Compound weighing
  • Non-core laboratory activities
  • Improved scientific efficiencies & productivity

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Assay Scientist Resourcing

With OneSource® Assay Scientist Resourcing, your team has the support they need to be ready for customized projects including elucidation, tissue cultures, compound management, and automation from low throughput assays to high throughput screens.
  • In vitro pharmacology assays support
  • Cell – based / Phenotypic assays support
  • ADME Tox assays support
  • Compound management support
  • Compound characterization support (for elucidation or medicinal chemistry groups)
  • Protein purification
  • Molecular biology extractions

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