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We offer HF-Resistant Internal Standard Kits and Non-HF-Resistant Internal Standard Kits. In both, the mixing chamber/combiner offers zero dead volume on the input ends, which accommodates the sample and addition lines. The output ends have a small mixing chamber where the sample and added reagent are intimately mixed prior to introduction to the nebulizer. Both kits are completely modular so that damaged or worn components can easily be replaced.

Other features include:

  • Connectors that easily fit together
  • Sampling probe
  • Inline addition of internal standards and ionization buffers

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Vitex gripping paper qty. 6

Used with Internal Standard Kits N07774067 and N07774068.
List Price : 27.00 EUR

Internal Standard Probe

Replacement probe for internal standard kits N0774068 and N0774067.
List Price : 91.00 EUR

HF mixing T-piece

Replacement mixing chamber/combiner for HF-resistant internal standard kit.
List Price : 220.00 EUR

"Internal Standard Kits" 1-4 of 4 Products and Services