Genomic Analysis


From DNA to data, you have an ally who understands your underlying science in every part of the workflow to help you analyze nucleic acids efficiently, at the lowest price per sample.

  • High-throughput Nucleic Acid Extraction: Highest purity and yield from best-in-class magnetic bead isolation technology
  • Quantitation and Library Quality Control: Automated electrophoresis separation for high-sensitivity analyses. Rapid, full-spectrum assessment of impurities before expensive downstream processing
  • Automated Liquid Handling Workstations: Intuitive, chemistry independent methods enable consistent, walkaway library preparation
  • Data Visualization: Easy-to-use interface provides interactive filtering and visualization to enhance data analysis from large studies

Automated High Yield and Purity Nucleic Acid Extraction

Best-in-class bead-based extraction technology enables extracted nucleic acids with both high purity and yield, regardless of volume range. The proprietary technology provides efficient, gentle and uniform resuspension of the bead pellet.

Quantitation and Library Quality Control

Our innovative microfluidics technology delivers unparalleled electrophoresis separation for high-sensitivity DNA/RNA analysis, DNA smear analysis, and RNA and gDNA integrity analysis. Our systems also provide fast, full-spectrum assessment of sample impurities – up to 96 samples in less than five minutes -- before expensive downstream processing.

Automated NGS Sample Prep Workstations and Methods

Our next-generation sequencing library preparation workstations eliminate the processing bottlenecks presented by today’s sequencing technologies. Choose from three workstations based on your sample preparation workflow and throughput requirements.

Data Visualization

Our genome analysis solutions suite leverages a proprietary, easy-to-use interface for interactive filtering and visualization to enhance data analysis from large genomic studies.
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cell::explorer gene pro

cell::explorer gene pro

A robotic automation platform to increase efficiency and reduce pipetting variability within genomic workflows.


The first μL microplate reader giving full spectrum scans of 96 samples in under 6 minutes. The combination of the patented DropSense 96 and DropPlate 16/96 can measure up to 96 samples simultaneously from a sample volume as low as 1 μl.

LabChip GX Touch 24

The LabChip GX Touch 24 is the most accurate and advanced nucleic acid separations system available. Whether analyzing RNA integrity for better gene expression data or assessing PCR fragments for resequencing applications, LabChip GX Touch 24 capillary electrophoresis accelerates your research and helps you generate more meaningful data, faster.

JANUS G3 NGS Express Workstation

The JANUS G3 NGS Express™ Workstation performs library prep for benchtop sequencers. NGS Express enables preparation of up to 24 libraries and supports applications for the Ion Torrent PGM™ sequencer from Life Technologies and the MiSeq sequencer from Illumina.

LabChip GX Touch HT

PerkinElmer's innovative microfluidics technology performs reproducible, high-resolution, eletrophoretic separations. Whether analyzing RNA integrity for better gene expression data or assessing PCR fragments for resequencing applications, the LabChip GX Touch HT instrument accelerates your research and helps you generate more meaningful data, faster.
Zephyr G3 NGS Workstation

Zephyr NGS Workstation

The Zephyr® G3 NGS Workstation is a benchtop liquid handler designed to automate preparation of libraries for next generation sequencing and address clinical requirements for the physical separation of pre-and post-PCR processes. The simplified user-interface and integrated hardware maximized laboratory productivity while reducing variability resulting from manual pipetting steps.
PerkinElmer Signals ™ for Translational- from bench-to-bedside, Data Analytics for precision medicine.

PerkinElmer Signals™ for Translational

PerkinElmer Signals for Translational, brings together all translational data into a single platform – a complete precision medicine solution, from data acquisition to biomarker validation.

Integrate and analyze data across multiple clinical trials, genomic data to identify specific, actionable biomarkers for higher success in Clinical Trials. Create repeatable data analyses for Bench to Bedside Precision Medicine initiatives.

PerkinElmer Signals for Translational - A Cloud-based Translational Research Solution. Precision Medicine Starts Here.



OmicsOffice helps scientists to import, analyze and validate data generated from genomics studies offering workflows and tools for qPCR, microarray RNA-Seq, and ChIP-Seq experiments.
TIBCO Spotfire®

TIBCO Spotfire®

Quickly uncover insights into your R&D data with easy to use and easy to build TIBCO Spotfire® dashboards. Whether you are a part of Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, CRO, Food & Beverage, Agriculture or Energy Industry, TIBCO Spotfire® can empower your team or your entire organization to easily mine scientific and business data and gain insights, in real-time. With TIBCO Spotfire®, you can Import data from disparate sources, visualize and gain insights in minutes!

TIBCO Spotfire® – Data Visualization that gives you answers.

"Genomic Analysis" 1-9 of 9 Products and Services