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Our Informatics clinical solutions help to aggregate, unify, visualize and analyze all your clinical and real-world data with in-stream access during all phases of clinical development. Clinical team members can perform self-service data discovery in the areas of clinical/medical review, monitoring, data cleaning, pharmacovigilance, site reports, patient enrollment, study budgeting, etc. in a way that complements Development IT and Biostatistics.

We empower executives managing an entire portfolio of clinical candidates to those involved with translational medicine and health economics and outcomes research with insights leading to actionable decisions that enhance patient safety, streamline clinical development and enable faster launches leading to better medical outcomes for patients.

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Risk Based Monitoring

Risk-Based Monitoring (RBM)

We offer an innovative approach for risk-based monitoring that leads to a reduction in the number of physical clinical site inspections while preserving clinical trial data quality and ensuring patient safety.

Pharmacovigilance (PV)

Our innovative solution for Pharmacovigilance replaces the reporting out of safety systems that leverage standard BI tools, breaking the query, wait, evaluate cycle.
Clinical Data Review

Clinical Data Review (CDR)

Our Clinical Data Review solution enables your entire clinical team quickly anticipate, answer and act on clinical/medical review questions, uncover trends, patterns and risks through self-service discovery.
Supply Management

Supply Management

Clinical supply monitoring analytics enable the oversight of packaging, distribution, returns, reconciliation and quality management of clinical kits.
Clinical Outcomes

Real-World Evidence (RWE)

Real-World Evidence (RWE) has become an integral component of drug and medical device development, as well as of Health Economics & Outcomes Research (HEOR). Serving as a complement to conventional randomized clinical trials (RCTs), Real-World Evidence collects supporting outcomes and safety data beyond RCTs, that provide a more comprehensive view of a product's real-life therapeutic and economic value to patients, payers, providers and sponsors. With the right data and analytics support, Real-World Evidence informs a common understanding of a drug or device efficacy and safety profile that is used by multiple healthcare stakeholders to drive decisions.
Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations

Improve subject protection, operational efficiency and data quality while significantly reducing trial costs by decreasing or eliminating wasteful Source Data Verification (SDV).
Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Our analytics solutions help companies find the balance between the clinical studies portfolio, resources and budget.

"Clinical Analytics" 1-8 of 8 Products and Services