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We provide a range of chromatography data software (CDS) to meet your specific needs across many industries, including environmental, food, industrial, and pharmaceutical businesses, which can streamline your lab's workflow while delivering meaningful, precise results, time after time.

Both our Clarus® GC and Altus™ LC systems run on the Waters® Empower® 3 CDS, a unified software platform that is easy to use and supports your lab's requirements for data integrity, repeatability, and accurate reporting. Empower® 3 software's powerful integration capabilities also bring together a wide variety of separation techniques – LC, GC, IC, CE, MS,– from an even wider number of vendors.

Our sample-centric TurboMass™ CDS drives the Clarus SQ 8 GC/MS for ease of use from data collection and processing to evaluation and comprehensive reporting.

For our AxION® MS instruments, Mass IQ™ software enables you to automatically generate fast, accurate results, and parallel reaction monitoring (PRMs) are quick and easy to set up with minimal method development – no product ion selection required. All product ions are monitored all the time, without loss in sensitivity, for fast, accurate, and precise quantification.

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Empower 3 CDS

One solution to integrate all the chromatography techniques in your lab with complete confidence

TurboMatrix HS PC Control Software

TurboMatrix HS PC Control Software provides full external control of a TurboMatrix headspace sampler from a personal computer running under Windows 95, 98 or NT. Methods and sequences can be generated, stored, edited, printed and executed.

"Chromatography Control & Upgrades" 1-3 of 3 Products & Services